As the first post of this blog, I wanted to share with you something that I read, that I hope will inspire you to put down your laptop, get out of the house and ignite your heart to be passionate for Christ.

"For three years Noel and I lived a few miles from Dachau, the concentration camp outside Munich, Germany. Today it is open to the public.

There are pictures.

It is only because there are pictures that we believe it happened. Without the photographic record there would be no belief...

...Therefore I am frustrated that I only have one life to live for the glory of Christ. What shall I do?

The only solution I know of is you!

Which horror in the world makes you ache the most? Where will you pour yourself out in the few years you have before you give an account to the righteous Judge of all the earth?"

-John Piper, A Godward Life


emelina said...

i really miss you. see you in two weeks?

Skunkabilly said...

Hollers returns to the Intrawebz!!! How are you my friend? I have a Blogspot but I hate maintaining it. Come by some time.

Heather said...

Hey woman, wow, glad that you are back in the states. I know you are doing exactly what you are supposed to be doing. You are beautiful and it truly was a pleasure meeting you in Peru. You are an encouragement to others... :)