During my reading of a very highly interesting book the other day, I stumbled upon some of the most remarkably crude explanations of table manners I have ever heard or read. They were so wonderful, I thought I should share them, in the case you may have need of them. Here is an excerpt from the book:

"...The author, Christian philosopher and educator Erasmus of Rotterdam, the greatest classical scholar of the northern Humanist Renaissance, had hit on a theme ripe for discussion: the importance of instilling manners at an early age. Titled De civilitate morum puerilium, or On Civility in Children, his continued to be reprinted into the eighteenth century, and spawned a multitude of translations. It became a standard school-book for the education of boys throughout Europe."

Here is a sampling of Erasmus's advice:

-"Turn away when spitting lest your saliva fall on someone."
-"You should not offer your handkerchief to anyone unless it has been freshly washed. Nor is it seemly, after wiping your nose, to spread out your handkerchief and peer into it as if pearls and rubies might have fallen out of your head."
-"Some people put their hands in the dishes the moment they have sat down. Wolves do that."
-"If you cannot swallow a piece of food, turn around discreetly and throw it somewhere."

(taken from the book, Extraordinary Origins of Everyday Things, by Charles Panati)


emelina said...

the last one is my favorite.

emelina said...

wow. good luck with your dirty dozen. don't worry, if you need any clean house time, feel free to leave your brood behind and come over to my clean and chic college professor apartment. but i'm an intj, so call first. ;)

Four Heutons said...

Hi Holly I am Tracie Sister-in-law. I am throwing her a shower this weekend and have not heard from you. Are you going to be able to make it?

emelina said...

I'm going to make a shirt that says "I'm an INTJ, but I'm working on a carefully structured plan to get over it!"

Also, I like conversing in comments sometimes because I feel important and popular. ;)

emelina said...

Your shirt will say "I'm in ENFP, and I...oh, let's have a party and then go save some children...hey, look at that cool bird...i want those adorable shoes!"

hanananah said...

Wow. Holly Smith. Those are amazing.

Four Heutons said...

Here is all the info...

Host: Diane Berks and Cynthia Heuton
Location: Diane's home
14727 NE 11th Street, Vancouver, WA 98684 US
View Map |
When: Sunday, January 27, 12:30PM
Phone: 360/604-5625 or 360/921-5187
Come meet Isabella Heuton Olivares for the first time at a shower in honor of Isabella and her mom, Tracie.

Come hungry as we will serve a lunch of various salads, play a few games and stock up Isabella's closet and room.

Tracie has made a list for us of things that she needs for the layette and things she already has for Isabella (I love to say that name). The list follows:

Does not need




receiving blankets
baby books

big toys

Don't need anything too heavy.. we have to pack all this stuff!


footie (warm) jammies

Baby sling in black


Newborn clothes for summer,

0-3 months mixed weather

3-6 months cold weather

6-9 cold at night, warm in day

9-12 mo mixed weather (rain/sun mix in Cusco and a hot/dry summer in Chile at 12 months)

0-6 & 6-12 mo socks/shoes