I could hear them giggling and chattering away, forever. So, I peeked around the tall shelving of the biography section of the bookstore and saw them: two little girls, one with curls and one without, both holding straws and tormenting each other with them, blowing through them, and covering their faces and laughing. Their mother was evidently absorbed in the search of a book and didn't seem to notice them very much, or their indelicate, un-bookstore behavior. I didn't mind though, and so turned back to my side of the shelf and began perusing the titles again, absentmindedly listening to their childish conversation. After a while of loud whispering and giggling, they suddenly rounded the corner talking excitedly and I glanced up. There they stood, beaming with pride, with their straws stuck carefully in their teeth, making the straw hang from their mouths, ridiculously. And the little girl with curls, with a distinct lisp from that piece of plastic dangling from her teeth, said with much dignity and conviction:

"Yeth! I think I will definitely be a dentilist when I grow up."


melanie's all my favorite things said...

kids...are they just adorable or what? sounds like a feel good moment to me...the laughter and innocence of youth is a wonder to behold...thanks for sharing...and yes, would love if you would bring cookies to the fall show! I will definitely keep you posted- thanks for the offer!(hope it is ok to take you up on it!)

j.T.smith said...

Haha, get out! Did that actually happen? I would have been on my face laughing.