Some natural tears they
dropped, but wiped them
The world was all before
them, where to choose
Their place of rest, and
Providence their guide,
They, hand in hand, with
wandering steps and slow,
through Eden took their
solitary way.

John Milton (Paradise Lost)


Steve Marquardt said...

I love Paradise Lost! It's such a powerful story (or 'epic poem' I guess you would call it)...

Robert J. Moeller said...

Hey, I randomly found your blog today and I'm glad that I did. Very interesting stuff. I'm a conservative blogger and seminary student in Chicago (rjmoeller.com). Keep up the good work!

Akshay Lakhiani said...

Your blog is beautiful. I love the way you write, your words are full of depth and meaning and the subjects you choose are always so interesting. I think you're on your way to making a name for yourself Holly. I hope you're successful in everything you do.